Star Fund

Pension savings fund offering tax advantages.


  • Tax break: you will benefit from a tax reduction equal to 30% of the capital invested.
  • Gradual savings: you can save for your retirement gradually.
  • Easy to open: you can open your pension savings fund in just a few minutes on our mobile site.
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  • What is Star Fund?

    Star Fund is a mutual pension savings fund incorporated under Belgian law. It is designed for people who want to top up their statutory pension, while benefiting from immediate tax advantages.

  • What are the advantages of the Star Fund pension savings fund?

    • You benefit from a tax reduction every year.
    • You decide for yourself how much to pay in.
    • You do not need to take any further action, because payments are taken automatically from your ING account.
    • You will benefit from a favourable final tax rate on your 60th birthday or 10 years after you have opened your Star Fund.
    • You can easily open your pension savings fund directly online.

  • When can I subscribe to Star Fund?

    You can start saving for your retirement between from the age of 18 until your 64th birthday. In this case, you only pay 10% tax on the accumulated capital. Were you 55 when you started saving? If you keep your Star Fund for a period of 10 years, you can benefit from the favourable final tax rate.

What happens next

  1. You submit your application online
  2. You receive a letter of confirmation once your pension savings fund application has been accepted.
  3. You save gradually towards a more comfortable retirement while benefiting from tax advantages which start immediately.

Subscribe to a pension savings fund

Legal mentions

Star Fund is a mutual investment fund incorporated under Belgian law for which ING Belgium provides financial services. Star Fund aim for long-term capital growth. The investment norms, enshrined in law, ensure the optimum spread of assets with a view to achieving a balanced investment in high-risk securities and high-return securities. Up to the age of 64, Belgian taxpayers can invest an amount (actually maximum 940 euros) in this fund with tax benefits.

The prospectus, the key investor information document (CIDI) and most recent periodic report are free available, in French and in Dutch, from your branch and at The minimum amount required to subscribe to a unit in Star Fund is 24 euros. Subscription fee: 3%; redemption fee: 0%; management fee: 1% per annum (as at 01/10/2015, subject to change before and after subscription with prior notice).
The net asset value is published in the financial press each Belgian working banking day. It is also available on the site. Important: please consult first the key investor information document (CIDI) available from your branch and at

No withholding tax is deducted for the return on the Star Fund (under the current legislation). At the age of 60 you pay a one-off "long-term savings tax" of 8% (under current legislation). The amount of this tax is based on the total contributions paid, capitalised at a flat rate of 4.75% (under the current legislation).

A pension savings fund is a Collective Investment Undertaking (CIU) managed in the exclusive interest of its shareholders, with the sole purpose of investing in financial products. The fund's capital increases or decreases as shareholders subscribe to, or redeem units. Amounts invested in CIUs are not covered by the Fund for the protection of deposits and financial instruments.

The Belgian Star Fund pension savings fund is offered (to acceptance by ING Belgium SA/NV and mutual agreement) by: ING Belgium SA/NV – Bank. Head office: Avenue Marnix/Marnixlaan 24, B-1000 Brussels – Brussels Register of Companies –
VAT BE 0403.200.393 – BIC (SWIFT): BBRUBEBB - IBAN (account) : BE45 3109 1560 2789 (310-9156027-89).

This publicity message is a public offer and not a personal recommendation and does not constitute investment advice in accordance with Article 46, 9° and 10° of the law of 6 April 1995 on the status and supervision of investment companies. Customers should assess this information for themselves in the light of their own individual situation, taking account of their financial situation and their investment objectives. Customers remain solely and fully liable for the use they choose to make of such information and the consequences of their decisions.