ING Visa Classic

The financial freedom of a standard credit card

This credit card costs 22 euros per year. The default spending limit is set at 2,000 euros per month.


  • Worldwide access: purchases and cash withdrawals are as convenient abroad as they are in Belgium.
  • Secure online purchases: Verified by Visa makes shopping online safer than ever.
  • Insured at no extra charge: items purchased with your ING Visa Classic are covered against theft, accidents, non-delivery and incorrect delivery.
  • Easy to follow: your balance is as close as your computer, smartphone or tablet. We also mail you a monthly statement.

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What should I do if I lose my ING Visa Classic?
Call Card Stop immediately on + 32 70 34 43 44.
Your card will be blocked immediately and replaced.

Can I make online purchases with my ING Visa Classic?
Yes! Thanks to Verified By Visa or MasterCard Secure Code®, sign your transactions using your ING Card Reader, as always with Home'Bank, for absolute security.

How do I check my ING Visa Classic expenditure for the current month?
You can see all your transactions for the current month and your balance via Home'Bank, without waiting for your monthly statement. Your balance is also accessible using our text-messaging and Mobile Banking services.

Is my ING credit card automatically activated for global use?
Yes. Your card can already be used to make payments or cash withdrawals anywhere in the world. You do not have to do anything to activate this service.


An ING Card is a MasterCard credit card with an authorised overdraft facility on the account (credit facility over an ING Card account), reserved for adult private individuals acting for private purposes. ING Belgium also offers a credit facility subject to the law on consumer credit and/or an authorised overdraft facility on the account without a credit card. For further information please go to an ING branch. ING Classic Visa cards or ING Gold MasterCards are credit cards for adult private individuals acting for private purposes. The general terms and conditions of ING Card, Classic ING Visa and Gold ING MasterCard credit cards are available from any ING branch and via

A concrete example of the authorised overdraft facility on an ING Card account: let us say that you take out an authorised overdraft facility over your ING Card for an undetermined period and that you withdraw the total amount of 2,000 euros of such authorised overdraft facility on the account (via a payment with your ING Card in the eurozone, free of charge) for a period of 3 consecutive months. Taking account of a debit interest rate of 9.86% a year (rate valid as at 01/03/2015 and variable subject to prior notice, both before and after subscription), a monthly card fee of 2.0834 euros, a monthly repayment of the interest owed, a mandatory monthly repayment of a minimum percentage of 10% of the outstanding balance (i.e. the as yet non-repaid amount of the capital withdrawn, including the debit interest) (minimum repayment: 25 euros or the outstanding balance indicated on your statement of expenditure where it is lower than 25 euros) and a repayment of the outstanding balance 3 months after the credit drawdown, you will repay a total of 2,044.88 euros after 3 months. In that case the annual cost percentage (A.C.P) will amount to 12.50% rate in force on 01/03/2015, variable, before and after subscription, subject to prior notice).

Legal information

Your application via for an ING Visa Classic is valid subject to acceptance by ING Belgium and is not binding until you have signed your Visa Classic contract either at your ING branch or via Home’Bank (subject to prior acceptance of your file by ING Belgium). For its Visa Classic customers, ING has contracted insurance with ACE European Group Limited, Avenue des Nerviens/Nerviërslaan 9-31, B-1040 Brussels. Company number 0867 068 548. An insurance company registered with the FSMA under no. 2312.

  • Chartis Europe SA. - Belgian branch, Boulevard de la Plaine/Pleinlaan 11, B-1050 Brussels, Brussels Register of Companies no. 0435 262 754. An insurance company registered with the FSMA under no. 0976.

To find out all the details about conditions, exclusions and limits linked to the above insurance, do not hesitate to consult the general terms and conditions of your Visa card in all ING branches and at